Payment Policy

Bullaun Press recognizes that the creative work of literary translators, like that of other artists and authors, can often be undervalued. It is vital that any state subsidy towards the publication of literature in translation prioritizes the fair remuneration of translators, as well as protecting their copyright. Funding from the Arts Council enables Bullaun to carry out its mission to

  • promote the translation of a range of literature from languages other than English in an Irish context by commissioning and publishing translations;
  • place Ireland on the world stage by so doing – encouraging ongoing reciprocity with those many countries who have published Irish literature in translation;
  • engage with diaspora communities in Ireland through the publication of translated books – seeking their recommendations and encouraging cultural exchange with Irish citizens through dissemination of their written heritage;
  • support Irish and Irish-based translators and
  • publish translations of Irish-language literature into English, celebrating our dual linguistic heritage.

As part of our mission of encouraging and supporting translators in an Irish context, we are committed to implementing these key principles in line with the Arts Council’s Paying the Artist policy (2020-2022):

– Being open, transparent and upfront in communications with artists to ensure clarity on both sides.

– Being clear about how and when payments will be made. Invoices will be paid within 14 days.

– Complying with rates, terms, practices and standards recommended by representative and resource organisations, and using available toolkits and resources to support the contracting process. Given that the majority of Irish translators work for UK-based publishers, we use the recommendations of The Translators Association of the UK Society of Authors as a guide to an appropriate minimum rate.

– Aiming for continued improvement in rates, acknowledging the low base from which current norms and standards are set and the ongoing rise in cost of living.

– Publishing a clear payment policy and approach on our website, which will be reviewed annually.

– Ensuring that remuneration and contracts reflect the full scope of what an artist is expected and required to deliver.

– Ensuring that artists and/or their representatives have a voice in negotiating terms and conditions.

– Ensuring that payments reflect and/or differentiate between fees and expenses, including per diems or other relevant payments.

– Ringfencing artists’ fees within project budgets so that they are protected against budget overruns in other areas.

– Respecting artists’ copyright, both in terms of moral and economic rights.

– Supporting artists to share in the economic life of what they create by ensuring that any contractual arrangements for artists to benefit from the future exploitation of their work are appropriate and proportional and reflect the value of what the artist has created.